Flat Skylights
Why buy an Ultrasky Skylight?

Ultrasky Flat Skylight’s frameless glass floods light into the room below. The fully insulated click-fit frame provides both thermal efficiency and an easy installation.

Top tip: Why not add the Ultrasky Flat Skylight waterproof kerb to your basket ? This provides flexibility on site as the kerb and skylight can be installed together before the roof covering.

What is an Ultrasky Flat Skylight?

Ultrasky Flat Skylight kerb can be supplied as an extra to your order.Supplied in one piece at the required 4° pitch, so no on site cutting is required.Made from black uPVC it comes fully reinforced and its chambered design gives superior insulating properties. The kerb’s watertight welded frame means you can install the Skylight and add your roof covering later.

Top tip: The kerb can be delivered to site before the Skylight if required (£50 additional charge)

What is the thermal break on the Ultrasky Flat Skylight?

The thermal break or thermal barrier is part of an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials.

The Ultrasky Flat Skylight has a fully insulated uPVC frame which sits inside an aluminium surround, meaning that it not only acts as a thermal break but also offers superior thermal efficiency.

What sizes is the Flat Ultrasky Skylight and Kerb available in?

Ultrasky Flat Skylight is available in the below sizes as well as between sizes.

For example: 1238mm x 2435mm.

ultrasky flat skylight sizes

Minimum size: 600 x 600             Maximum sizes: 1200 x 2500, 1300 x 2200 & 1400 x 2000

Top tip: Please see ‘How do I measure for the Ultrasky Flat Skylight?’ to ensure you measure correctly.

What stock sizes is the Ultrasky Flat skylight available in?

Ultrasky Flat Skylight is available in a number of sizes in standard black RAL9005 – 60%:

  • 600mm x 600mm
  • 1000mm x 1000mm
  • 1000mm x 1500mm
  • 1000mm x 2000mm
  • 1200mm x 1200mm

 Top tip: Please see ‘How do I measure for the Ultrasky Flat Skylight?’ to ensure you measure correctly.

How do i measure for the flat Ultrasky roof skylight and waterproof kerb?

flat skylight how to measure

What pitch should the flat Ultrasky skylight be fitted at?

Ultrasky Flat Skylight’s must be fit at a pitch of 4°, this will ensure water will run off the glass and stop pooling of water which can cause mould.

Top tip: The Ultrasky Flat Skylight is not available with self-cleaning glass as this type of glazing does not work effectively at angles less than 10°.

What colour is the Ultrasky Flat Skylight available in?

Ultrasky Flat Skylight comes in a range of standard and special colours to help match or contrast your doors and windows.

Standard colours:

ultrasky flat skylights

Any RAL or Special Colour Bespoke Colours:

Top tip: Bespoke colours may have longer lead-times; always check with your supplier.

What glazing options are available with a Ultrasky Flat Skylight?

Ultrasky Flat Skylight glass is currently available with a clear standard glazing. Blue tint option coming soon…

Ultrasky Flat Skylight glass specification:

Overall: 26mm or 28mm

Outer: 6mm Toughened Opti Neutral

Cavity: 16mm Argon Filled

Inner: 4mm or 6mm Toughened High Performance Low E

Manufactured & kite marked to BS EN 1279-2.

Toughened to BS EN 12150-1

Noise reduction: 34dB

What is the U-Value of the Ultrasky Flat Skylight and is it building compliant?

The U-value of a product measures how effective its insulation properties are. The lower the U-value the better insulated the product is.

Building Regulation Part L relates to limiting heat gain and loss (u-Value compliant). In order to be compliant U-values must be no greater than 1.6 W/M2k in England and 1.4 W/M2k in Scotland.

Ultrasky Flat Skylight’s fully insulated frame with ‘Warm Frame’ Technology and low-E High performance glass with a U-value of 1.0W/M2k means the Skylight has an overall u-value of 1.2 W/M2k, making it compliant with building regulations in England and Scotland.

Top tip: Always check the overall U-value of the skylight/roof light product, not just the glazing element.

What is the G-Value of the Ultrasky Flat Skylight?

G-value (sometimes also called a Solar Factor or Total Solar Energy Transmittance) is the coefficient commonly used in Europe to measure the solar energy transmittance of windows. A g-value of 1.0 represents full transmittance of all solar radiation while 0.0 represents a window with no solar energy transmittance (the lower the g-value the better).

The Ultrasky Flat Skylight’s G-value is 0.5 which is similar to most solar control glazing.

What guarantees and warranties does your Ultrasky Flat Skylight come with?

The Ultrasky Flat Skylight comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

How long does an Ultrasky Flat Skylight take to fit?

The ‘click-fit’ technology of the Ultrasky Flat Skylight means that fitting times can be as quick as 10 minutes by a professional with the correct tools.

At what height can the Ultrasky Flat Skylight be fitted at?

Ultrasky Flat Skylight can be fit at heights up to 13m above floor level when the overall glazing area is 3m2 or less. For glazing areas greater than 3m2 the maximum fitting height is 5m above floor level.

How much does the skylight weigh?

Ultrasky Flat Skylight weighs 33kg/m2 (based on the internal sizes).

Ultrasky Flat Skylight kerb weighs 4.54kg/lm (Based on the internal sizes

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