Ultrasky Roof Lantern FAQ

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How to measure an Ultrasky Roof Lantern?

The set-out dimensions of the Ultrasky roof lantern are measured to the external wall of the timber kerb, 150 mm high x 70 mm wide (not supplied), and NOT the size of the cut-out in the flat roof.

In most cases therefore the dimensions of the lantern are calculated as follows:

Length = Length of hole + (2 x Kerb Width)
Width = Width of hole + (2 x Kerb Width)


Hole 1000mm x 1500mm
Kerb Width 70mm

Overall Dimensions of Lantern: 1140mm x 1640mm

Our roof lanterns are manufactured on demand and therefore we can offer bespoke sizes, should a specific size be required.

For full installation instructions download the detailed Installation Guide.

What are your payment methods?

Our payment terms for our roof lantern orders are strictly payment in advance using a credit or debit card using Stripe or Paypal at checkout on our website. 

What our delivery and roof lantern leadtime?

For standard size and colour Skylights, our estimated delivery dates are usually within 6 working days of orders providing the order is received by 1pm. For certain colour/material combinations a longer lead time is required

Roof Lantern skylights can be collected from our factory or delivered to any UK Mainland delivery address you require.

What is covered under the 10 year guarantee?

Ultrasky Roof Lanterns are covered by a 10-year guarantee from date of delivery against discolouration, cracking, shape deterioration and component failure. Please note that the glazing bars and aluminum frames are not covered if they have been subject to aggressive chemical cleaning of any sort. Aluminum sections are guaranteed against bending, cracking and breakage under normal use, within normal environments. Installation, sealing and waterproofing are not covered by the guarantee and are the responsibility of the installer or roofer. Guarantee is void if units have been damaged by the installer using incorrect sealant type (normal silicone sealants damage the special outer coating) or through cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Roof lantern sealed glazing units carry a 10 year unit seal warranty from date of delivery. If a unit seal should fail within the 10-year period, it will be replaced free of charge, provided that:

  • The original glass unit is returned for a full in-house examination; and
  • The seals have not been damaged during fitting or glazed incorrectly.

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