Korniche Roof Lantern Trade Prices

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Slim Aluminium Roof Lantern

As Korniche roof lanterns are constructed out of aluminium, this will allow for slimmer profiles and sightlines. This will enhance natural light exposure without compromising on the strength of the product. Patent-pending end bosses are used to maintain the stunning aesthetic appeal. This is further reinforced throughout the hidden fixings and unbroken sightlines. Your client will be over the moon with the clean lines that our Korniche roof lanterns can provide.

Why choose the Korniche Roof Lantern

Korniche roof lanterns have been built with strength in mind. Using aluminium as the primary material for frames, this can accommodate loads up to 3.5 kN / m2. Aluminium die casts have been designed to ensure that the eaves beams are securely kept together. They would not be influenced by elements such as rain , wind or snow.

In order to improve the structural integrity of this design, Korniche roof lanterns are also manufactured with an anti-crush tube. This is an internal feature that will not stop the long-lasting aesthetics of this design. This will ensure that this installation does not bend or warp when it is locked in place.

Energy Efficient Roof Lanterns

Korniche roof lanterns provide homeowners with excellent energy efficiency. It’s because they’re built to trap heat in homes and stop it from escaping. Not only this, but less dependency on artificial lighting would also improve its energy-efficient efficiency.

Each of these skylights is constructed with outstanding glazing efficiency, which can be supplied in either neutral blue, clear or aqua. This glazing is self-cleaning and can benefit from U-values between 1.0 and 1.2. Korniche has designed a special PVC T-bar that clips in and is completely compliant with the gold standard Q-Lon gaskets.

Thermally broken eaves using pairs of polyamide parts creating a thermal barrier that is revolutionary for aluminium, a typically conductive material. Injection of moulded silicone seals eliminates the need for the sealant to be used once installed. All you’ve got to do is put the bottle, and it’s over. Q-Lon gaskets also have some of the strongest sealing features.