Korniche Roof Lanterns

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Award winning Korniche aluminium Roof Lanterns are ideal for flat roof extensions, loft conversions & home renovations. Korniche roof lanterns are available in a variety of sizes and a selection bespoke colour combinations. With free delivery of your roof lantern


Faster & Easy to Install

Strong & Secure Roof

Most Thermally Efficient


Slim Beautiful SIghtlines

The Korniche is a successful combination of modern yet traditional design with state-of-the-art engineering principles to build a stunningly beautiful roof lantern, the most effective and thermally efficient in its class, and is also extremely simple and easy to mount.

There is no relation on the market today with the Korniche Roof Lantern. Offering outstanding clean aesthetics to the user and a speed and ease of installation that allows the installer the best in all worlds to spend less time on site and to be able to achieve watertight properties in no time at all.

If you’re hunting for the best classic or modern look the way you want it to be …

Korniche has traditional lines of wood and is made of the latest in new materials. You have the freedom to configure solid, slender and carefully detailed rafters to create a custom design within the parameters of the framework. If you’re going to be traditional, you can have symmetrical rafters with smaller glass span, and if you want to be modern, you can specify minimal rafters with some of the largest glazing span available.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of colours and finishes …

You can select either dual or single colour permutation of our regular colours with a shipping time of just 15 working days. Is there anything more individual? The roof can be supplied in any RAL colour you want, either in single or dual configuration, within just 25 working days.

If you’re looking for the strongest roof lantern on the market…

Engineered to be installed in the harshest environments at sizes up to 6m x 4m you can rest assured that Korniche keeps what’s on the outside out whilst its fully thermally broken construction keeps your family warm inside.

If you want a simple and hassle-free installation

Design innovation provides a “no experience necessary” install suitable for any builder or roofer to follow with no need for any expensive subcontractors.